7-Card Stud Poker Tips

A big pair refers to any of the following hands: ace-ace, king-king, queen-queen, jack-jack or 10-10. These combinations play much better than small or medium pairs, and should almost always be played. The only time you should fold these high pairs is if another player is showing a higher pair, or if you believe another player has a higher pair concealed.

Note that there is one other instance in which big pairs should be folded: if the other cards are both dead – that is, you have a pair of kings and the other two kings have already been dealt to other players. You have no chance to improve your pair and have little chance of winning the hand with kings alone.

Just like with small or medium pairs, your kicker can give your hand more value. If your kicker is of higher value, you have a great draw to a very high two-pair. Straight and flush draws are also strong combinations along with your pair, and since you have high cards already, that means you will have a very high flush or straight if you make a draw later in the hand.

One last tip with big pairs: Don’t get too carried away. Remember, this isn’t Holdem. A pair isn’t going to cut it all by itself, and betting big won’t scare your opponents away as easily as it does in Holdem. Play your big pair aggressively, but don’t bet poorly. Closely watch your opponents’ cards and actions to avoid taking a big loss by incorrectly playing your big pair.

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