Basic Lessons on Casino Poker Tournaments

At the mere sound of “casino poker tournament,” the first thing that comes to mind is “expensive.” In the World Series of Poker, for instance, one pays a fee of $10,000 just for entrance. So are all poker tournaments as costly?

The first lesson on casino poker tournaments we should know is that not all of them are that expensive. There are Hold’em tournaments in the US designed for low-limit players. Ask around the community and one might be surprised to find the same poker tournament for low-limit enthusiasts. But probably, one would surmise, the contestants would all be poker sharks out to devour fish in the poker ocean. Well, most of these tournaments have different skill levels, and most likely, low-limit Hold’em tournaments would attract non-professional players or even average beginners to the event.

Not many poker pros would risk being beaten by chance by some lucky rookie in a cheap tournament. So players who want to try out their basic knowledge in a real live poker tournament only have to look for affordable events with different skill levels. The entry fees are low-cost, as well as the money risks. If we win, such tournaments can give us enough credentials on our way to advancement. If we lose, at least we had the fun of trying out a live tournament casino poker. And that’s something.

Foxwood Casino in Connecticut, for instance, has such tournaments many days a week. If we try out on a Saturday, we’d chance upon a Limit Texas Hold’em poker tournament for only $20—$5 of which is the entrance and the remaining is the buy-in cost. For that small amount, players are given poker chips worth $1,000. Should that be not enough, there’s a re-buy option that gets us another $1,000 worth of chips for $10. Just make sure that re-buys are done in the first two sessions of the tournament.

If we’re serious enough, we take this option to play in the finals. And if we win, that’s a whopping pot from all the tournament sales. If we run out of chips, we’re out of the tournament. Tournaments are characterized by players going after each other’s chips. And in the championship round, the overall prize is divided among the winners accordingly.

Casino poker tournaments are not just for the experts and poker sharks. They also give chances to novices who want an experience of live casino poker and casino poker tournaments.

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