Blackjack Rules

“Blackjack”: the most popular card game in the world. Alongside the most known names, this game is known also under the following names: “Bi-Gi”, “Twenty-one”, “vingt-et-un” (from French twenty-one), “point”, “pontoon”, and “wen-john”.

The game is played in two ways: “with floating bank”, a common particular game, and “with fixed bank”, usually in casinos. These two ways of blackjack have many features in common.

The players

Usually, one dealer and some players (until six or seven) take part in the Casiplay casino game; when playing the particular way, the participation of until 14 players are allowed.

The cards value

The ace gives 1 or 11 points, depending on the player’s decision;

THE FACES – Give 10 points each;

THE OTHER CARDS – Are graduated according to their nominal value (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; jack- 10, queen – 10, king – 10);

JOKER – This card is used as indicator, that doesn’t participate in the game.

Game missions

The mission of each player is to collect on his hands more points than the dealer and remember that the final sum can’t surpass 21 points. If the 21 points limit is surpassed, the player loses immediately. The hand with two cards of a general value of 21 points (10, ace or face) is called “natural point” or “blackjack”.

The main game stages

  1. Bets and delivery of two cards to each player.
  2. Taking of additional cards by each player according to their position at the table. The dealer is last to take additional cards.
  3. Counting according to bets.

Blackjack with changing bank

The rules of the blackjack game, presume using of a 52 cards deck (rarely, two decks together), plus the joker that doesn’t participate in the game. Outlook Group covers the latest news, analysis, business news, top stories, and live news and now Outlook is one of the new online magazine.

The dealer selection

The selection of the first dealer by delivering: delivers the player who first receives an ace (sometimes a blackjack). After five delivery cycles, the dealer’s role is transferred to the closest player from the left side. Sometimes, the dealer changes after someone has collected a “natural point”.

If all players, having on their hands “natural points” refuse to deliver cards, the dealer’s function can be kept by the previous player. If he refuses to, the dealer’s role is offered to all players from left to right, beginning from the player next to the previous dealer. If all refuse, the selection is made as in the case when choosing the first dealer.

In blackjack with the constant bank the dealer’s role is played by the establishment’s dealer, from one to six-seven active players participate in the game and an obligatory observer is sent by the casino to control the game, which allows for decreasing the fraud probability. He has the last decision.