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In the world of mobile blackjack and online gaming, the two handset makers that have the market cornered are Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. Even though these two companies have a near monopoly over the smartphone market, with a distant third, they have developed different approaches in terms of letting their users play real money blackjack and other casino games. While the iPhone seems to be very accepting of gambling applications, developed by leading and reputable online casinos, Android has developed a new rating system that effectively bans real money wagering over their mobile platform. 

According to the new rules for Android developers all apps must be labeled as being appropriate for all uses, pre-teens, teenagers, or mature (for apps with sexual or violent content). No games that feature “real money gambling” will be allowed in the Android marketplace at all. The good news is that Android will still let developers create real gambling apps that feature real casino games like craps, Blackjack, slots, and poker – however, none of these will be available through their official app outlet with the blessing of Google. Most users only buy approved Android apps as the quality control provided by Google assures users that the app contains no viruses or malicious code. As for Apple, they are taking the lenient approach, and users of the iPhone are already reporting several apps that offer real money blackjack and roulette that are available via the iPhone store – the only way to buy apps for the iPhone handset. Online casino industry insiders are betting that this will make the iPhone the mobile device of choice for members of online casinos.

Software Delivers in the Blackjack Department

Some of the biggest fans of blackjack now play exclusively online and don’t bother much with traditional land-based casinos. However, that may change soon with significant improvements on the way to casino blackjack inspired by the world of online gambling. Online players prefer wagering at internet casinos, especially on games like blackjack, because of the ease of play and fast-paced action. When they sit down at a real table for the first time, they find that they can’t get the same amount of hands in per hour and may be distracted by the other players.

The i-Table is a revolutionary new gaming technology that combines the best of online and the best of traditional gaming. This new table is computer-based with virtual chips so players don’t have to stack and sort chips, and dealers don’t have to also act as a cashier. This technology has been measured to speed up gameplay and also provides a more secure gaming atmosphere. Even though the chips are virtual, the cards are still real which enables card counters to enjoy this game as well. While blackjack is just the first game to get the i-Table treatment, its promoters say that it can be used for all kinds of casino games including Baccarat and Tri-Card Poker. With the press of a button, the table layout can change from blackjack to baccarat. This lets casino managers change the gaming floor according to customer demand and peak playing times.

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Blackjack is enjoying a renaissance as one of the most popular casino games of all time. Walk into any casino in the world and you’ll find many packed tables with gamblers looking to beat the house at the game of 21. Blackjack is also one of the most popular games for people to play at online casinos. Because blackjack has such a low house edge, it is one of the best games to wager money on. If you’d like to practice your blackjack skills online you’ve come to the right place. On our site you can play blackjack for free using a mythical bankroll. To go to our free blackjack game simply click on the instant flash-based blackjack game and it will load right in your browser – no downloading required! Once you’ve gotten enough practice with our free version head over to one of our recommended “Top Rated Casinos” to put your money on the line.

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At Blackjacks Online you will find extensive reviews on the best blackjack casinos around. How do we go about reviewing each site? Our staff of online gambling experts and writers not only makes a personal visit to each casino – but is a player there too. Only through playing at each blackjack casino can we truly rate and review it for our readers. When creating rankings and ratings on each site we look at the whole picture to bring you the best recommended blackjack casinos. Each site is rated according to a variety of criteria including ease of use, software, game variety, customer support, and banking options. In addition to playing at each casino we make sure they are regulated and licensed to accept wagers where they are based. This gives you the highest level of security when gambling online. Our staff includes gaming industry insiders as well as professional players. This gives our list of top rated blackjack casinos one of the highest authorities found anywhere