How Slot Machines Have Changed

Slot machines have a long history behind them and the way they are played today is very different than how they were played then. In the later years of the 1800s California was the first state to get slot machines. At that time they were simply made up of card-shaped symbols as opposed to the symbols used today. The reason for this is that cards were used to represent gambling in the 1800s. Though it has not been proven, it has been speculated that the original purpose of slot machines was to give women something to do while their husbands played Poker. These days women were not permitted to enter a Poker room with their husbands.

In 1899 Charles Fey was responsible for creating the first-ever slot machine, The Liberty Bell. The name of the game signified the cracked image of the Liberty Bell, which was used as a symbol in the game. The Liberty Bell slot machine first appeared in a saloon in San Francisco. The success of this game allowed Charles Fey to quit his day job and live off the revenue he received as the game’s creator. The main issue that the original slot machine had was that it was easy for players to cheat in the game as all they would have to do was take a small stick and insert it into the machine to make the reels stop spinning when the player chose.

Ten years later a slot machine was created that included 10 different symbols. Stephen Mill took the game design Charles Fey had created and made some changes to it. The addition of the extra symbols meant that this slot machine could be installed in saloons easier than installing The Liberty Bell slot machine. Since the machines were now easier to install, their popularity in saloons started to increase.

It wasn’t until 1964 that the electronic version of slot machines began to appear in various establishments. The advance in technology made it harder for players to cheat but easier to offer them larger progressive jackpots. !975 saw the creation of the first video slot machine by Walt Freely. The game was called The Fortune Coin and had only a computer unit, a TV screen, and a place to insert the coins into the machine. One of the reasons that video slot machines are now so popular is because of the creation of video poker games.

As slot machines continued to grow and evolve casino operators hit on the idea of opening online versions of their offline casinos. At online casinos, there are usually a wide variety of slot machine games available. While in the beginning slots were simple, today’s most impressive slots are more elaborate. Many of them are based on popular TV shows, movies, and more. The creation of online casinos allowed people to, for the first time, enjoy their favorite slot machine games without having to gamble money in order to do so.

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