Online Slots Versus Casino Slots

Many people love the atmosphere of a busy casino…the lights; excitement and opportunity make for a memorable experience. Not all casinos can offer the glitz and glamour however, and even the most popular have their “down” time when it seems like no one is playing.

This is one of the reasons that professional gamblers have turned to the online casinos for their gaming, and just as in the casinos, slot machines are the favorite game of choice.

Online slots hold the same number one rank as their mechanical counterparts. There are some differences in playing online versus playing in the casinos. One of the biggest complaints for those in the online environment is about the gaming screens. They can be complicated and difficult to operate, allowing a twenty five cent bet to be turned into a one dollar and twenty five cent bet before the player realizes. Some study time is required of all online versions of even the most popular slot machines to insure against costly mistakes.

Casino slot machines tend to be very precise in their payout tables and have easy to use functions. Players always know exactly what their bet will be on the spin, and they can see their “real time” losses and wins.

This can be weighed against the comfort factor of playing for real money in the home environment. Not many people can say that they have played an exciting game of progressive slots in their pajamas except those who use the online version! Additionally, there are no travel expenses paid to play at an online casino, which is a significant factor for the millions of slot machine enthusiasts who do not live anywhere near a casino.

With the dramatic savings enjoyed by online casinos players assume that the payouts will be significantly larger than those from the mortar and brick casinos, but this is not the case. The two environments generally pay the same award amounts for the same types of games. The largest payouts made by both arenas are the progressive jackpot games, and this is where the casinos tend to beat online games.

Casinos will often link to other casinos for the progressive jackpots and the activity usually presents a life-changing win for a player lucky enough to reveal the winning combination. For both versions however the required bid can be quite significant, usually the maximum coins possible and this can scare off many would be players. All casinos, whether online or “live”, emphasize that players set budgets and stick to them. It is very easy to get caught up in the highly addictive slot machine games, and large sums of money can quickly disappear. Many slots experts recommend a system of play that uses a certain percentage of a bankroll on single coin and multiplier games, a certain amount on multi-line and bonus games and a small amount to the progressive jackpot games. Relying on this system allows a player in a casino, or online player, to easily track how much they have spent of their overall budget.