Playing Online Rummy

Playing rummy is all about those mind games and manipulation. An important part of rummy is to trick and misdirect the opponents. This ensures that they remain in the dark about your hand and keep on second-guessing their moves and strategies. In the end, you surprise everyone by unexpectedly declaring your hand, and catching them at their weakest. Similarly, the competition, and work-politics at your workspace are such that it requires you to be on your toes. You often might feel the need to underplay your ‘cards’ so that when the big moment comes, you are ready to grab all opportunities by the throat.

Confusing your opponents in online rummy and workplace

Hiding your cards. Pun Intended

The most basic rule in online rummy is that players keep their hands a secret. Players use all kinds of bluffing and baiting techniques in order to confuse their opponents. This makes sure that the opponents cannot strategist against you and you keep getting the cards that you need. The same can be applied in your workplace as well. For your peers and competitors to be unaware of your plans, you need to have tricks up your sleeves. You learn from rummy that you shouldn’t let people know everything about your situation, lest they take advantage of your naivety.

Keep the joker with you

The Joker or the wildcard is an underrated card in rummy. Usually, players discard it, but you can use it to turn the odds in your favor. In the event that you do not have the exact card that you need to form that one pure sequence, you can use a joker in its place. While your opponents are busy discarding and picking up cards, you are ready to declare. In the same way, you need a hidden mantra to make things turn in your favor at your workplace. While your peers and opponents are busy trying to crack a difficult situation, your offbeat solution will be the way out for you. Just like the joker can be the substitute for any card, you too can train yourself to shine in any tricky situation.

Letting go of cards, so you can have better ones

In the case of online rummy game, it is usually important to discard the face cards like the Jack, King, and Queen, which have high points. Having these cards would make you more prone to having higher points, as opposed to the goal of collecting as low points as possible. However, in order to confuse your opponents, you can bait them, and initially drop the low-value cards. Once you notice which cards they discard, you can pick up your game. Similarly, in the workspace, you can learn to let go of seemingly profitable opportunities. Once you learn about all sides of the situation, your approach to work can be better.


Both rummy and office environments require people to develop a few tricks and tips which will confuse their opponents. This will make sure that people can read and analyze the situation better and turn all the odds in their favor.