Playing Video Poker Guide

Video poker is one of the hottest versions of poker to hit casinos worldwide. A combination of a whole lot of luck and poker strategizing skills makes video poker a unique slot machine type of poker game. Video poker is fast-paced, dynamic and so intense that one can get easily hooked up to this new type of poker experience.

Unlike regular slot machines which rely solely on sheer luck, video poker gives the player more chances of winning by playing the hand according to his poker skills and strategies. Video poker is also much easier than regular poker. In video poker, there are no opponents. Even the computer does not play against a video poker player. All a player needs is to form the highest possible poker hand he can have in every round, which is the main objective of video poker.

Playing video poker is so much easier. To get started, a coin should be inserted in the video poker machine much like in other slot machines. After pressing the “play” button, five cards will appear on the screen. Five buttons in the video poker machine correspond with the five cards on the screen. The video poker player can choose to “hold” a card by pressing its corresponding button. The other cards which were not chosen can be replaced by hitting the “deal button”. If a winning combination appears, the player wins.

There are several advantages of playing video poker than any other poker variety. One is that you play all by yourself. You could take as much time as you want to think about every move you will make. In video poker, one does not need to worry if his cards are better than his opponents for there are no opponents. You just have to combine the cards and form the best hand you could have.

Another advantage of video poker is that betting is controlled solely by you. Betting is also more straightforward in video poker than in a regular poker game. You could win and lose money depending on your chosen game price. In most video poker games, one could also bet as much as five times the game price.

Also, video poker can offer an opportunity to gain more profit in the long run. Most skilled video poker players gain long-term profits and bigger opportunities to hit the big jackpot.

Like in other casino games, there is a considerable amount of risk involved in playing video poker. But what is a casino game without the possibility of losing? True enough, video poker is a casino experience you’ll never forget.

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