Roulette Table Limits

Roulette game

Many players around the world like to play roulette to check their luck. Being a pure game of chance, roulette was invented as a kind of experiment and became one of the favorite games in casinos.

There are two kinds of roulette games: European and American roulette. The European roulette wheel has 36 numbered slots and one zero slot. This kind of roulette is more popular due to the lower roulette house edge which is 2,7% compared to 5,26% in the American roulette wheel as the latter has one additional “double zeros” slot. This feature increases the challenge for players making this variation more difficult to win.

What are roulette table limits?

Wishing to win big, players tend to use different roulette betting strategies. The most famous one is the Martingale strategy offering players to double bets every time they lose by placing their bets on the same spot all the time. This strategy sticks to the point that sooner or later the chosen bet will won and the sum of winning will cover all the previous losses. It sounds weird, taking into account that all roulette tables have their limits and you cannot exceed the number of the claimed bet.

Players are allowed to place bets and double them during the play. But the bets cannot be doubled countless times in a row. This is done mostly to prevent the usage of any kind of strategy. There are tables with high and low limits. Tables with high limits provide players with a lot of bonuses and advantages when playing, especially in online casinos.

The advantages of playing online at high table limits

Reload bonuses

Each player gets some percent on the reloads during the play, but these percentages can be higher when a player places the bets at the high limits table. The percent number can vary from site to site.

Account bonuses

High-limit table players are awarded additional bonuses on their account. Mostly, they get 50% bonuses. For example, when a player puts one thousand dollars into the account he/she receives 500 dollar bonus! Isn’t it great?

Player points

Players are offered points for each round the play in roulette, but these points are different, as those playing at the high-limit table receive higher points. Afterward, these points can be exchanged for really nice prizes in special shops.

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