Sic Bo Strategy

Strategy plays an important role in the Sic Bo game. Sic Bo strategy is considered to be fun and easy to implement in the game. In this article, we will highlight some of the Sic Bo Strategies that can be implemented in the game for you to walk away as the victor. Although it’s a game of chance, sic Bo can also be played strategically and definitely you would increase the chances of you winning at approved online casinos

Sic Bo strategy can easily be adopted and you will end in a winning spree if played properly.  You will soon figure out that the game also needs a strategy for you to feel the great thrill of the exciting game.  The chances of you winning frequently would become great. There are various Sic Bo strategies you can employ in the game.

You have the chance of winning with a probability of 50% if your wagers are small or big. These bets are one of the most common bets that are played by Sic Bo strategic players throughout the world. If you really want to lower the risk you definitely have to play small bets.  You should also note that the smaller the bets the less the amount you will win but for reducing the risk of losing all your money you should go for small bets.

The combining bets.  You can combine bets which cover a great portion of results. The success of the outcome of the bet is 16.6% which is generally high and its payout is 5 to 1.

There are several kinds of casino bets you can play and some of these have a high payout but the chances of you winning are very marginal.  If you are a risk taker then placing bets of high risk would be an option.  Placing bets on doubles can be worthwhile.  Placing bets on the total sum of the three dice can be advantageous because the outcome of your winning ranges from 9.7% to 47.2%

You could also try betting on a specific number that will appear on the three dice. This bet is called three of a kind. The outcome can be 1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3, etc. The chances of getting such an outcome are very marginal but they have got a very high payout of 150 to 1.

If the Sic Bo strategy that you would like to adopt is played properly you will definitely be a winner.  You can even adopt your own unique style of play and this will eventually get you winning more and more. The more you keep playing this game you will soon adopt your own style of play. Whilst playing the game you will end up basing it on both strategy and luck.