Slot without Paylines

Paylines are an inherent a part of virtually any game automata. Some combos add up precisely on the lines, that lot of lines used throughout the game, the upper the probabilities of obtaining the payment.

Why pay line slot machines?

Typically, the amount of active lines may be controlled, though in some advanced online slots default use all doable choices and their range can’t be modified. However, in most cases, the player will verify what quantity he desires to use lines. Each active line could be a separate rate. It’s for this reason that the players don’t invariably involve all the lines, as a result of the entire rate may be terribly high. Slots while not pay lines.

Slots without paylines

However, there are slot machines, which are not any lines, whereas the winning combos are determined by totally different rules. We’ve got collected a number of the foremost attention-grabbing options that replace the standard line.


Also noteworthy is that the attention-grabbing feature Allpay, fabricated by specialists of the corporate Novomatic. Machines equipped with it, don’t have the classic lines for payments. A winning combination is set an equivalent image, however they’ll fall anyplace on the reels, from the primary drum.

Multiway Xtra

Slots of IGT are typically equipped with the operate Multiway Xtra. With the assistance of the mix may be created while not relevance those characters were near one another. This player gets 720 or 1024 choices for making paid chains.

All Pays

The company Genesis recreation slots in their uses All Pays feature. The combos are equivalent characters that fell on adjacent reels.


Playtech has introduced its own version of a mechanism for determining the winning combinations. Interestingly, the function is not free to use it you need to pay money. Activated Always for selected drum player, starting with the first.

The columns used in combination are arbitrarily without considering the location of the characters. If the drum is not activated, for this purpose created a chain of only two central positions. It is available up to 1024 versions of the winning combinations.