Super Jackpot

Super Jackpot is a progressive online video poker game. This game can be found in certain online casinos such as Intercasino. This game also uses the rules of Atlantic City. Super Jackpot can be a very fun game to play because you have the option of winning one of the best jackpots in video poker.

There are two maximum bets for this game. You can play the 25-cent machine or the dollar machine online. It all depends on how much you would like to spend per round. Keep in mind that you always need to play the maximum bet that you can in order to get the progressive jackpot.

Video Poker Games

In Super Jackpot you have several options that differ from other video poker games. First, you can play a single or multi-hand game. With Super Jackpot you can play up to ten hands per round. Each hand is played with its own 52-card deck. Since this game is mirrored on a five-card draw you will be dealt five cards in each of the hands you decide to play. You will then be given the option of trading in any number of the five cards for replacement cards up to five cards in a hand.

The Play

We have discussed a little on how you can trade cards, but let’s look at the play with a little more depth. In this game, you must play the maximum bet of five coins in order to win the progressive jackpot. You can win the progressive jackpot by playing one hand or ten hands. The minimum amount of the progressive jackpot is 1250 coins. As players like you continue to try and win the progressive jackpot, you are adding a percent to the overall amount, which is what is meant by progressive. We mentioned that you must play the max bet for the best success, you also need to have the Royal Flush in this game to win the progressive jackpot.

Other hands will offer you a payout, but they will not be the mother lode. To get at least a minimal payout you need a hand of Jacks or Better. This makes Super Jackpot like the Jacks or Better video poker game. If you have a pair of jacks you will earn double your bet. In other words, if you bet 5 coins you get your original wager plus the 5 coins for the payout.

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