Talking in Roulette

Learning another language is always good for you. Why not learn one that you can use in your favorite past time, like roulette for example? To get you started, here is some common roulette slang:

Five-Number bet – this happens when a roulette player bets that the lowest five numbers in the roulette wheel, which are 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 will win in the next spin. This is also known as the sucker bet because this is not among the wisest moves.

Floorman – this is the casino employee who looks after different tables in certain areas of the casino. He sees to it that everything is in order. He designates which dealer goes to the roulette table or the poker table. He may also be responsible for handling complaints that need immediate attention.

Fluctuation in probability – gamblers believe that some games, or their outcome, really do follow certain trends. When these trends are not followed, then, there is what we call a fluctuation. This is where other factors come in, such as luck.

French wheel – this is another term for the European roulette wheel. Gamblers love to play online roulette with the wheel because the en prison rule is observed here.

Gaffed wheel – this is a roulette wheel which has been fixed for cheating purposes. Some gamblers rig the roulette wheel to gain advantage over the house.

Gambling stake – corresponds to the money set aside by the players for gambling. It is good for roulette players to always determine their gambling stake before they enter the casino. In this way, they will know their limitations. Gambling stake is more popularly know as the bankroll.

George – what the dealers call a player who give huge tips. Though tipping is not imperative, roulette players do it often, especially if they win a lot.

Golden Numbers – these are the ones which show up a lot in the game of play roulette. They rouse suspicion that the wheel has been rigged. They are called as such because these numbers give a lot of gold, or money by hitting a lot.

Greens – casino chips that are worth $25, and are colored green for distinction.

Grind down – this happens when the casino wins over the players and gets his money little by little. So you see, being passive is not always the safest one. It only guarantees that you’ll lose your money slower, it also means you win smaller. However, if you sometimes play aggressively, you may win a bigger prize.