A typical lesson in casino poker

Free casino poker lessons begin with the history of poker and basic poker strategies. A hands-on play is a basic feature of these lessons and students are allowed to use non-value chips for a touch of realism. As the games unfold, the instructor, probably a long-time poker dealer of the casino, will personally assist the students step-by-step in the procedures of the game. If there are few students, it will be like a one-on-one tutorial on poker, with the instructor pointing out weaknesses and strengths, procedural errors, and added advice on hand selection, maneuvers, bluffing, and detecting the same.

Thus, students gain assurance in playing poker during the lessons so that they can play a live poker session confidently. Special care is given in betting lessons. Play chips will be introduced and used as betting procedures and strategies are taught. Then everyone will be reminded what table stakes are all about. In casino poker, the money we present on the table is the “official” money that we play with. Once we present this, we won’t be allowed to take any more money from our pockets. If we’re short of money but we go all in, we’re allowed to play thus.

The instructor will tell us that fresh money can be pulled out of our pockets once we begin a fresh round of poker sessions. Then, the instructor may give away some of his own little strategies, like opting only for good hands, particularly during the early positions. He may caution students not to bet on every hand dealt them as this is the tendency with most novices. If they bet on any hand, they go bankrupt soon.

A free casino poker lesson will allow everyone to play player and dealer in a mock poker session. Small and big blinds will be decided. There will be advice on what to do when a player has just arrived and wants to join in the ongoing game—he must equal the big blind bet or wait for the big blind’s turn. In a casino, big blinds have the priority to check or raise in the face of calls without raise from others.

So goes a typical free session of casino poker lessons. This recruits more regular gamblers to the casino.

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