Types of Slots

There are many different slots games available and I am going to tell you about them all.
We start with –

CLASSIC SLOTS – The key feature of classic slots game has 3 reels and 1 payline. Each classic slot game has its own unique array of winning symbols and some have other unique features such as wild, multiplier and scatter symbols even bonus games.

5 REEL SLOTS – Each slot has 5 reels. They vary in different way in numbers of paylines, bonuses, features, wild, scatter and multiple symbols.

BONUS GAMES – Bonus slot games are these games that have bonus features, this can be a simple free spin or a totally extra game. These games involve an element of skill and you can win alot of money in these bonus slot games.

MULTIPLY PAYLINES – Multi paylines slots have grown in popularity. Due to multiple numbers of paylines giving the player more chances of a possible winning combination’s that can be won simultaneously. Other factors are that you can play 3 reel or 5 reel slot games and some with progressive jackpots.

MULTI SPIN – Playing a multi spin slot game is just like playing a number of slots all at the same time. So if you like a certain slot game you will love playing multi slots.

FRUIT MACHINES – These are the most fun and popular to play. A fruit machine is more interactive with the player. You are regular award “HOLDS” and “NUDGES”, allowing the reels to meve according to your choices. This can lead to bigger winnings, but it can also mess up a potential winning combination.

Its a game of skill. Another feature of these slots is the HIGHER or LOWER button giving you the chance to double your winnings. Then there is the CASH LADDERS and BONUS BOARDS involving you to stop a flashing light at a certain spaces, this then determines your next move.

THEMED SLOT GAMES – There have been online slot games made about every subjects, here to name a few. EASTER, VALENTINES, CHRISTMAS, HALLOWEEN, MARVEL – comic characters, FRIGHTMARE, and all time favourite PIRATES. As the names suggest on the reels you would find items associated with the theme.

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