Online Keno is just as easy to play and has the same rules as land based casinos. You are given an on screen card where you click the numbered cells to cross or uncross a number. After you have selected your numbers, enter the amount you want to wager and click “play”.

The numbers are randomly drawn, and any number you win gets a star icon in that cell, to show you that number has won. You are shown the prize money for the amount you have wagered in a table, there is even a history column that shows you the numbers that have come up on previous games.

Click on the images below for actual screen shots of online keno games.

Keno Rules

Why do we say that keno is so easy to play? Well if you think of keno as being like the state lottery that gets drawn a dozen times or more each day, then you already know how to play keno!

There are differences and that is Keno has numbers ranging from 1 – 80 and 20 numbers are drawn for each Keno game. You have the choice to select or cross up to 10-15 numbers per game (depending on which casino you play at). After you have selected your numbers you decide how much you want to wager. As an example, if you cross off 10 numbers and decide to bet $1 for that game. Below is the payout table for that bet. Naturally the more you wager the bigger the prize money if you win keno!

Keno History

Keno has the most interesting history amongst other casino games. Ancient writings revealed that this historic game was created in the 2nd century BC by a Chinese emperor who needed to raise money for his war efforts since his people refused to contribute to the state. Keno the game of chance was introduced, although quite different from the modern day version we know, the concepts were identical.

Keno or the pigeon game as it was known proved a success and it spread all over china. The name pigeon game was established since pigeons were used to carry the numbers into other cities and smaller provinces.

The differences in the ancient game and the modern day keno are the use of Chinese characters instead of today’s numerical system. It was said that Keno was imported by the early Chinese settlers to America and in the 1930’s the Chinese characters were replaced with numerical notation. This was the birth of the modern day keno as we know it. This is an interesting piece of Keno History!

Keno Strategies

Keno is a game of pure luck where numbers randomly fall. Its odds are not as good as other games such as blackjack.

Playing 2 numbers gives you a better chance to win all 2, however the Casino knows this and adjusts the winning ratio accordingly. Picking 10 numbers and winning the 10 numbers will give you the best payouts; however the chances of you hitting the 10 numbers are 1 in 389 million!

If you want to consistently win, play other games such as blackjack or craps. However these games won’t give you instant riches like Keno can. Each Keno game is also remarkably cheaper, that is you probably won’t go into debt by playing keno, since each game could cost $1-$10. Most casinos will have a maximum wager which is around $70 for keno.

We can discuss complexed mathematical algorithms on how to better pick the winning numbers, but in the end it all comes down to pure luck! So instead of stressing with secret formulas, just enjoy the game and see where luck takes you!

If you have any keno strategies of your own test them here with online keno to see if they work!

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