Online Casino Terms and Conditions

In order to be able to register and play at any online casino, players must first agree with and accept the casinos terms and conditions. This means that players must abide and follow the rules set by the casino in terms of participation, eligibility, decision outcome, and liability and so on. They also refer to the conditions under which you will be allowed to deposit funds, use those funds and cash them out.

By signing an “End User License Agreement ” (EULA), players are accepting all the obligations requested from him by the online casino. These obligations are also known as “warranties” and they include amongst many other, confirmation of identity and prove of deposit funds especially since players are bound by this agreement to not make fraudulent use of other people’s money, documents or identities.

Another rule players have to abide to is the decision on when and how a player may withdraw his account balance, especially when those funds were deposited using a credit card. Reason for this is that casinos are not willing to risk allowing a withdrawal until the credit card issuer has confirmed the deposit in the first place. There also some players who, rightfully or not, will process “chargeback’s” claiming they did not make the purchase or that the purchase is in fact fraudulent. In those cases casinos not only lose the deposited money, they might lose any winnings generated from it and they can get penalized by the merchant companies. That’s why there are so many more requirements before allowing a withdrawal of money paid in with a credit card. Casinos will usually want you to send verification and confirmation documents, they will credit all deposited amounts back to the credit card they came from and they might wait a while until the merchants confirm the transactions.

Another important rule to look out for (not all casinos will hold you to it) is relating to “inactive accounts”. Its very common for players to register and play at one casino before moving to another one and so on, often forgetting how many accounts they have and in which casinos. Many times they end up neglecting their account and not coming back to the casino until after a few months or even years. Casinos will usually hold your account and balance for six months before they start applying penalty fares for inactivity. Some casinos will even confiscate your balance and take any money you have in your account and justify the seizing of money to cover their administrative and maintenance costs.

In conclusion, reading the terms and conditions, end user agreement, privacy policies and other such material is important for you to understand exactly what your rights and obligations are in regards to your relation as a customer of a specific casino.