Play for fun or real money?

Most, if not all casinos, will offer you a choice of free play or real money play. We covered some aspects of free play before, but read on for more information, benefits and downsides to both choices of game play.

Free play

Free play is essentially the same as real money play, except your playing with “fake” money, But the software is the same, as is the random number generator, the payout percentages, the features and buttons and everything else. Free play was created to allow visitors, new and experienced, to get a taste of the casino and its games. It’s also useful for practice and for learning game rules and strategy.

Real money

Real money game play is done using credits, casino chips or casino money equivalent to real money value. Once registered at the casino of your choice, you can make a deposit using any number of methods, from credit or debit cards, to e-wallets (Money bookers, Neteller, etc.) to bank transfers. Along with your deposit you’ll be entitled to a bonus in the form of more chips, playable or withdraw able (we’ll get to that part further on).

You are of course free to decline the bonus, but when played wisely, the bonus money will actually add value to your credit and you can earn money with it. It’s easy not to think of casino money as real money, especially when they are represented in the form of chips, but when you lose realize your losing real money.

The best and most fun casino games are now totally free to play on the internet. This can be a good idea for novice players to play this way the necessary experience. It is also a very nice pastime to eg. to play Solitaire or Poker, Roulette. Especially the free poker games are very popular with people all over the world. Social gaming draws thanks to the social networks like face book daily a lot of players. The slot machines and poker games are free of charge and it is possible to play against your own friends. The presence of the social element makes it fun for friends and family members.