Slot Machine Software

Both online and live casinos must rely on computer software to operate all of their slot machines. While the mechanical machines have heavily regulated operations around the manipulation and maintenance of their equipment, or “firmware”, the online casinos are open to choose from a large number of options and operations.

Most online slots enthusiasts recommend that slots players visit online casinos that work only with certified software providers. This is because these games are virtually tamper proof, leaving the casino unable to tinker with odds or advantages or to behave in a corrupt manner.

Some casinos use their own servers and software, and it is these sites that must come under serious scrutiny before a player hands over their information and gambling dollars.

Currently there are many certified software providers for the online slots casino games. The one most often recognized for innovative designs, sounds and gaming experiences is Micro gaming. The company has been awarded recognition as the “Best Online Casino Software Provider” more often than any other manufacturer. The company actually “powers” the online casino itself, which means super protection for the player.

Micro Gaming makes everything from downloadable games to progressive jackpot games strictly for the online environment. Another common administrator of online slots games is the PlayTech company. They too actually run the casino sites, and are known for providing incredibly sharp graphics, a huge variety of slots games, original storylines (such as their popular “Goblins Cave” slots) and some truly unique features that are incredibly popular with slots enthusiasts. These include:

Arcade games

Super fast login

Every game available in a “download” or “no download” Flash version

All games are adjustable in their speed, sound effects, size and close ups.

PlayTech offers a “live” chat support

Players can continue to customize their experience with a “favorites” menu

Autoplay – which is a hugely popular setting, basically asking players for initial settings and then just continually playing from that point without player initiation

A final and innovative supplier of certified software is Cryptologic, the designer of the online casino that has taken the top award for best online casino for more than five years in a row. The company is also one of the few that offers a payment system that, to date, has effectively processed over thirty billion dollars in electronic transactions for the online gaming industry.

Other software providers will lease software to casinos, but not perform the administration of the sites. Some of these casinos have been examined and found valid in their operations.

Online slots are the most popular games in online casinos, just as they are the most popular games in the standard brick and mortar casinos. They provide an added measure of amusement and entertainment to the gaming experience due to the originality and unique designs of the slot machine software providers. Many of whom rely on popular films, cartoons and themes to create a storyline within the standard slots game. Many of these games feature bonus games and screens that add a great deal more interaction to the game than is available in a casino slot machine.