The fear of gambling online

Internet gaming is almost 10-years-old. Yet there are some who are still afraid to play their favorite casino game – online – for real cash. It is time for you to face the most common fears about casinos on the Web and enjoy what online casino has to offer. The biggest fears of gamblers keeping them form playing online are:

The games are rigged

So many potential players won’t try gambling online because they assume the games have to be rigged because a computer determines the odds. Not true. Most respected online casinos boast an audited payout from PricewaterhouseCoopers, an independent auditor that has become the industry-standard in fairness and is used by several of the world’s leading casino software manufacturers.

Casino software uses a complex Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure cards and results are random and unpredictable. If the numbers weren’t random, players would find irregularities and use them to their advantage.

Finally, casinos don’t need to rig games to win, casino games by design give the house enough of an edge to keep patrons happy and make a profit.

Casinos will sell my personal information

You are smart to be wary about giving out your personal information over the Web or elsewhere. But when it comes to online casinos, operators are fierce about protecting your privacy. Think about it … does your bank give your personal information to another bank? With over 1,500 casinos on the Web, the industry is a competitive place. Operators have no interest in sharing you with their competition or anyone else.

I won’t get paid

There have been horror stories in the past of players waiting for cash that never came. That doesn’t mean you have anything to fear. Choose a reputable casino from our Best Payout Percentage Page and you can gamble in complete confidence with proven operators.

If you are truly afraid you will not get paid, check the message boards to see what others have to say about your casino of choice. If there is a problem with a casino, you will hear about it.

The computer will limit how much I can win

Some timid would-be players believe that if they were to win $100 on a blackjack table, the computer would immediately take it away with a string of brutal cards. This deserves two responses. The first: see above the RNG section above.

The second: if you are winning you may discover you start getting bad cards. The same is true in any land-based casino. What goes up eventually goes down. If you find you are up money, you may want to quit. This has nothing to do with online casinos, and everything to do with common sense about taking gains.

Casinos will pay out small amounts, but not if I win a large jackpot

Most reputable casinos now offer large progressive jackpots with prizes in the thousands and even millions. These jackpots grow by a jackpot “contribution” – small side wagers players place per hand. This means the cash for the jackpot payout has been collected long before any player wins. The truth is that online casinos mint big winners on a daily basis. It’s time you trick or treat with a casino that can pay you a life-changing jackpot combined with an evening of fun.