Blackjack Counting Strategy for Cards

Gambling is a very popular kind of entertainment that offers players a great variety of games to choose from. The most famous and actually the most popular game is blackjack. This ancient game attracts players’ attention as it requires special skills and proper training to get success in it. It is a challenge for most gamblers.

Nevertheless, there are lots of ways to learn how to play blackjack, for example, learn blackjack betting strategy and blackjack counting strategy alongside with basic rules of the game.

What is card counting?

The blackjack counting strategy (or card counting) is an illegal method of playing blackjack. Why it is illegal? Usage of this method increases players’ chance to win and reduces the casino house edge, which is why casino staff tend to believe that this should be punished.

Many players still use this strategy during the play but it is risky as casino dealers are trained to detect card counters and they throw them out of the casino. Nevertheless, the most skilled players manage to use it without being noticed.

Card counting is not as a difficult system as it may seem to be. You do not need to memorize every card that has been dealt during the game. The idea of the strategy is to put a value on every card and then add or subtract it. The crucial in this is to pay attention to the cards that are dealt to you and other players as well.

This strategy is also called the Hi-Low method. Let’s look closer at how it works:

It is necessary to assign value to all cards:
+1 to 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s;

0 to 7s, 8s and 9s;

-1 to 10s and picture cards.

Pay attention to the dealt cards and count the value of each card;
Not forget to use a blackjack betting strategy when playing;
Increase the bets if you have a high (+) value at the shoe end;
Stop placing bets if you have a low (-) value at the shoe end.
Isn’t it easy? Anyone can learn card counting with the ability to be patient, attentive, and able to count. The blackjack basic strategy will help you to understand the basics of the game and master your skills to become a winner in the game.

How to use card counting in live dealer casinos?

Many players are bothered by the question of whether card counting is possible to apply to live online casinos. Live dealer blackjack is different from both online blackjack and land casino blackjack, as the shoe consists of 8 decks of cards and they are constantly shuffled. Taking this into account, the answer is definite – card counting is useless in live dealer online casinos.

How to practice card counting?

In order to learn to use card counting, start practicing by counting each card in just one deck of cards. It consists of 52 cards and if you count correctly the end result will be zero (0). If it is not, you have been mistaken.

Patience and practice and you will master this strategy!

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