How to Play Blackjack: Main Rules

Blackjack is a very popular game among casino players all over the world. It is an old game but it is not losing its exciting and gripping process when gaming. Blackjack is both a game of chance and a game of skill. In order to succeed in this game a player should be smart as well as lucky.

There are many variants of blackjack today, for example, Vegas Strip, Spanish 21, Pontoon, and many others. But with the growing popularity of online casinos, blackjack can be played in the internet mode. Blackjack is highly popular especially in a new creation of the gaming industry, in live online casinos.

Live Dealer Blackjack Overview

Blackjack played in live online casinos is called live dealer blackjack as it has a real dealer with whom players play. Live online casinos are also called webcam casinos as such live online gaming is possible with the help of webcam. Live dealer blackjack is always played with the live dealer alongside six other players if it is a multiplayer blackjack. Players can communicate with each other and with a dealer with the help of a chat window. There is also a single-player online blackjack where there is only one player who plays against the dealer by himself.

Live dealer blackjack has traditional rules of blackjack and it can easily be learned by reading internet guides.

Live blackjack dealer uses six decks that consist of 52 cards each. These decks form the so-called shoe. This shoe is carefully shuffled before playing.

How to play blackjack

Live dealer blackjack players are able to place bets on any 1, any 2, or even all 3 hands that are available at the control panel. But right when a dealer calls out to players that the bets are off, they cannot place the bets.

A player should keep in mind that blackjack tables have their maximum and minimum betting limits. So, all players have to carefully decide what blackjack betting strategy to choose.

How to split

Any pair can be split;
Any hand cannot be re-split;
A player has to stand after splitting the pair of Aces, as each hand will receive one more gaming card.

How to double

After deciding to split a player can double down;
The double-down bet value is as the original bet;
Only the first two cards amounted to 9, 10, and 11 can be bet double down;
A player cannot place a double-down bet on blackjack.

Tips for playing live blackjack

There are many tips and winning strategies for blackjack game, but the most common and actually useful tips for blackjack players are:

Make use of the blackjack strategy chart;
master your skills by playing blackjack online;
learn card counting system;
always know when to stop gaming.
These are only basic and the most useful tips for a successful gaming experience in any kind of live online casino.

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