Internet Roulette

Roulette is a French word meaning “Small Wheel”. Casino roulette consists of a betting board (containing all the numbers on the wheel, odds/evens, and colors), the roulette wheel (consisting of 37 or 38 pockets), a Croupier, and the ball. Players place their bets on the board, and the Croupier spins the wheel and puts the ball onto the spinning wheel. The final resting place of the ball determines the outcome of all the bets placed.

Casino Roulette

In America, the casino roulette wheels have 38 slots as they added two 0’s to it in the early 1800s as the popularity of the game increased, to increase the house odds. Most online roulette wheels will thus have one single zero (0) and another double zero (00) pocket. The odds of hitting either of these pockets are exactly the same as hitting any other number on the board. In Europe, the wheels only have zero pockets.

Internet roulette will pay out at 1:35. if a player bets on a number and hits it, the player will get back 36 times what they put in. This means that he/she will win 35 times what they put in and also get the original wager back. Players can also bet on ranges, combinations, colors (red/black), and odds/evens.

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