Online Roulette

So now you know how to play roulette, you’ve looked at my system and want to give it a go, the only
problem is your nearest casino is an airstrip and the cost of a hotel away. Instead of going through all
that hassle why don’t you try playing at an online casino? This is what I’ve been doing for several
years now and I find it much more convenient and private than playing in a ‘real’ casino (although I still
like to go now and then for the social aspect).

A lot of people are still very wary of trying online casinos, believing in rigged games, credit card fraud,
and all other ways the casinos will rip you off, but although there may still be a very small number of ‘bad
guys’ out there, you will have an extremely difficult time finding them. These days online casinos are big
businesses with big budgets and enough reserves to ensure all players can be paid. We shall soon be
bringing you a comprehensive list of online casinos we recommend you to play at, but until then we will
give you some pointers on what to look for in an online casino when you want to play roulette.
Make sure they use well-known software (Microgaming, Playtech, odds on, cryptologic, boss). These big
software brands want to protect their reputation and therefore manage a lot of the money that passes
through their clients’ hands. If by any chance one of their casinos does go out of business they will make
sure you still get paid.
Look for single 0 online roulette. This can be quite hard to find online, we are currently searching for as
many casinos providing this as we can find, we will bring you our list soon, in the meantime you can try
UK Casino Club, a link to this can be found on our home page.
Check the bonus conditions if you are claiming a bonus. Many online casinos exclude roulette from their
wagering requirements for any bonuses and some may void any winnings if you play online roulette
without having fulfilled their terms and conditions first.
These guidelines are enough to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time playing online roulette, but
why not bookmark our site and come back soon when we will have full reviews of our recommended
online casinos?

History of roulette

The exact origins of roulette are somewhat unknown, although the game is believed to have originated in
France, with the word roulette itself meaning ‘little ball’. There were a lot of gambling games popular in
Europe in the early 18th century which involved balls falling into marked pockets to decide the outcomes
of bets, and some (including boule which can be found in French casinos) are still available to be played
It is believed that both versions of the game (single 0 and double 00) were invented in France even
though the single 0 game is often known as European roulette and the double 00 game as American
roulette. This is due to the prominence of each type of wheel on the different continents. Because of the different house edges in the two games, roulette is a much more popular game in Europe than it is in
America, where players can choose from a wide number of other games offering much more favorable

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