Roulette Strategy for Beginners

One might fall to the impression that because Roulette is based on spinning a wheel and waiting for the result when the ball stops, it all adds up to luck and that is the end of the matter. While partly correct there are a few Roulette strategies that you need to be aware of when playing. While at most bets the house edge is 5.26% there are unique situations when the house edge falls and if you’re alerted you can increase your chance of winning. An exception for the 5.26% rate is the five-number bet, which increases the percentage to 7.29%. Looks grim? A bit, here comes our Roulette strategy at hand.

One way to reduce the percentages is by looking out for a table that plays with the rule of “Surrender”. Surrender means that if the ball stops on “0” or “00” instead of losing all of your money you will depart only half of it. This Roulette strategy is beneficial because of the result – the odds add up to your side and the house edge drops to 2.63%. One of the main reasons that the house edge is high is because there are “0” and “00”.

European Roulette Table

Another Roulette strategy that we recommend is to search for a European roulette table. This table lacks the double zero slot, without it, the house edge falls from the usual 5.26% house edge to 2.70%. This table can be found outside Europe in online casinos.

Before finishing up with the last touches of roulette strategy you should look up one more rule called “En Prison”, which means, when translated from French, “In Prison”. This rule is a bit difficult to find at Roulette tables since it’s not very common. In this roulette game, the difference is, again, in the zeros and outside bets. While at regular roulette tables, you lose your entire fortune when the ball stands at ‘0’ or ’00’, this time the money isn’t taken straight away, you get a “second chance”. If the ball does stop on ‘0’/’00’ your money stays on the table and waits for the next roll of the wheel. This rule applies almost only in European roulette tables and it pushes the house edge lower than all of the above, down to 1.35%.

Money management is also important in a roulette strategy, but it is more of a personal issue. take your time and practice playing roulette using our free software. gain experience and learn where to place bets, and on how much. In my next article, I will teach you some advanced roulette strategies that will explain how to gain better odds by knowing statistically where to place the chips and how to calculate your betting combined with the chip placement.

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