Three Betting

I have devised a Theory or Rule of 7. Many don’t grasp the concept, so I will take a step backward and start the explanation from here, The Rule of 3.

As your skills increase, your play evolves and takes on more dimensions. So, as you progress up the playing ladder of poker, you will discover that the 3 bet concept is outdated except when playing against a beginner or novice. (This is a reason it is far better when playing heads-up to use a cat-and-mouse approach than a Geronimo approach.)

The bet, raise, re-raise scenario is a procedure taught to beginners to slow the action down, get a free card, or save a bet when in position. The idea in the 3-bet concept is if Player A checks and Player B bets and gets check-raised by A then B will make it 3 bets, thinking it will entitle him to a free card. The bet, raise, and re-raise are fundamental for beginners in poker.

But, does everyone just stop and give the free card away when this is done thereby losing a bet? I pose this question? Is there no next step in this program? Is this 3-bet sequence always the final outcome? Hasn’t playing evolved to where people realize this is being done or is the final thrust a surprise? Hasn’t anyone come up with a solution to counter this form of attack, or is the 3 bet the end? C’mon, with everyone knowing these 3 bets, shouldn’t someone have figured out a way to stop losing that bet and giving the person a free card?

Thinking the 3 bet is the final solution and the last step in this process is totally ludicrous. Even if the player calls and bets out, he has still lost a bet because he didn’t make it 4 bets. Sooner or later these extra bets mean something, especially at higher levels.

Besides the fact that you lose bets by using the 3 bet concept, everyone knows you are using it. Playing has evolved, and people realize when 3-betting is happening. (Anyone who tries to slow me down to get a free card will find out that he will lose more by working this 3 bet theory on me.)

So a player needs to move up a level (in play and thought) and consider the evolution of The Theory Rule of 7. My Theory or Rule of 7 is a countermeasure to the 3 bet gambit, (but I warn you that one must have a great deal of expertise in the game of poker to understand it.)

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