Super Times Pay

Super Times Pay is another slot variation video poker game. This one is similar to spin poker in which you have three different lines that can make your winning payout. Basically in this game, you have a mystery multiplier that will crop up every once in a while in which you get the highest payout possible for the hand. So not only do you have three hands that will spin with five cards each, but you will also be able to get an extra special bonus if and only if the multiplier shows up.

Since this is a spin game you are not going to draw cards and then exchange them. Whatever cards come up in the spin this is the hand you are going to either win with or not. With Super Time Pay you need at least a pair of any cards to win. There are no wild cards in this game.

Once you decide on the bet you are going to make the hands will spin and the computer does the thinking for you. To get the multiplier at its best you need to play the max bet for the hand. This max bet is based on the game and playing the most amount of lines.

Super Triple Bonus

Super Triple Bonus is like most of the video poker games based on Jacks or Better. In Jacks or Better you need to have at least a pair of Jacks. Any pair below Jack in denomination is not going to pay out. In Super Triple Bonus you also want to play for the max bet. This allows you to top payouts. The Royal Flush is always going to be the top payout, but in this game, it is a little different. In order to win the Super Triple Bonus you must have a sequential Royal Flush. In other words, the Royal Flush must be in this arrangement on the video screen: T, J, Q, K, A or A, K, Q, J, and Ten. This means if you get a Royal Flush that has the J, Q, K, A, and Ten you will not get the Super Triple Bonus. You will still get the 800 times pay for playing the maximum bet with a hand like an example, but to get more than that you need the sequential.

The odds of getting this particular sequential Royal Flush are very low; however, the payout is worth it. The rest of the game is played the same with your five-card draw and replacement of the cards. With the added benefit of getting a triple bonus, it is worth playing this game. The smaller hands are not going to pay out as much because of the triple bonus though. This game can be found online or in land casinos.

Super Double Bonus

Super Double Bonus is based on the Double Double Bonus Poker game. In this game, no cards are going to be wild. The idea is to get either a Royal Flush or the Four of a Kind. These two hands offer the best payouts. This is the same for all of the Bonus Poker games. It just happens that in this Super Double Bonus game, there is an extra bonus if you land on the Royal Flush. Generally, you make 800 times the five coins better. This is one of the best payouts you can have in a poker game.

Super Double Bonus is based on Jacks or Better as well. In order to break even money you need to get at least a pair of Jacks or Better. The four-of-a-kind and the royal flush are the two hands you should always aim for if the cards are right for it. In other words, you should never break up a pair, or if you have the four cards leading to a royal flush you shouldn’t break those up.

Since nothing is wild there is not a possibility of a five-card hand special. You just need to rely on the five cards you are dealt and the resulting replacement of any of those cards.

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