Myths & Superstitions of Slots

There are a lot of myths & superstitions when it comes to slots, whether online or in land based casino’s. Some people think that intense study determine the reels of a slot. This is impossible. Slot machine’s run off random number generators. These generators compile millions of combinations each second & choose a random selection at random, there is absolutely no way to determine the next reel of a slot.

Winning on a slot machine is totally pot luck & by chance. Another myth, is that once someone has walked away from a machine & somebody else lands a win on it, people tend to get upset thinking that the win could of been there’s. For this to be true, that person would have had to of pressed the spin button at exactly the same time as the next person did. Any other time would have produced a different result. Another big slot superstition is if you had played a machine for six days straight without hitting the jackpot, you would assume it must be due. Do not be fooled. Slot machine’s are 100% random. You would have just as much chance of getting the jackpot on the first spin that you would on 100,000′th spin. The odds do not get better, the more spin’s you do.

People tend to assume that the casino staff determine when the jackpot will be hit by messing around with the microchip or server etc. (depending on where you are playing; land based or online); once again, this is completely impossible, the number generators are totally random. Nobody knows what the next spin will be. The last most common myth or superstition that I am going to mention is the ‘I am more likely to hit the jackpot when the casino is busy’ myth. This is not exactly true, but it is not exactly false either.

There is no definitive spin on a slot machine, nobody knows what to expect or what will happen next. However; it is logic to realise that with more people playing the slot machine’s, the more jsckpot’s that will be hit. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands more myths out there, but to most of them there is usually one answer; Slot machines are one hundred percent random, the reels can not be controlled & neither can the payout’s. Any win’s conceived are simply throught pot luck & chance.

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