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Each card game has its own set of card game rule. However, there is a set of common (default) card game rule. But, there can always be exceptions. The first default card game rule determines players sitting format which is in the form of a circle around a table, facing inwards so that none can see another’s cards. The next card game rule is the pack consisting of playing cards having same shapes and sizes. Mention-ably, what the English refer to as ‘pack’, the Americans call it ‘deck’. The third card game rule pertains to the four ‘Suits’– Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. There are equal cards in every suit.

The fourth card game rule determines the “Ranks’ — Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 to 2 in descending order. The fourth common card game rule is on the various techniques of shuffling that puts the cards in random order by the dealer. Another player “Cuts’ the shuffled pack. Finally, a third player deals the hands. USA, Russia besides N and W Europe practise clockwise dealing whereas Switzerland, S and E Europe besides Asia and Tarot games use the anticlockwise method.

Poker Card Game Rule
The sets of poker card game rule apply differently to the different poker games. The single most important poker card game rule is to make money while having all the fun. The second poker card game rule is to never get distracted even for a second. The third poker card game rule is to always know the opponent to won him/her. The fourth poker card game rule is to know the rival by always keeping a track of the hands that the person is starting with and is dealing. The fifth poker card game rule is to use colour coding to identify the risk-taking player from the risk-averse opponent.

The sixth poker card game rule is to use a pack of standard playing pack having 52 cards. The highest poker rank is the Ace which in certain poker card game rule sets also is the lowest. It is followed in descending order by the King, Queen, Jack and the ranks from 10 to 2. The seventh poker card game rule states that it uses the four equal suits – Diamonds, Clubs, Spades and Hearts. Five cards make a poker hand and the player having the highest hand emerges the winner.

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