Royal Aces

Royal Aces is a variation of a card draw like many of the video poker games that you can find in casinos. Royal Aces poker can be found online or in land casinos. In this game, you have a choice of how much you would like to bet. You can bet one coin and up to five coins. The five-coin bet is the best bet because you earn a higher payout. You also have a bonus to unlock when you play the five-coin bet and win a Royal Flush. In this game, you need at least a pair of Aces in order to get an even payout. The two pairs will offer an even payout as well. The higher hands have the best payouts like in any other video poker game. The Royal Flush has 4,000 coins for the payout. The Four Aces are also extremely high in the payout.

The gameplay is going to be the same. You will make your bet and then the deal will occur. The deal will yield five cards that you can hold or discard depending on the hand you are going to try for. You should never discard a pair if you obtain one. While it will not pay out it can lead to a better hand such as a three-of-a-kind or even a four-of-a-kind. You should also never discard any aces that you get in your hand, especially if that is all you have.

Royal Aces Progressive

Royal Aces is a variation of a card draw like other video poker games. In this game, you have to have at least a pair of aces in order to get even money. This is a little different than other variations in which Jacks or Better is acceptable. Royal Aces can either be progressive or nonprogressive. Usually, it is found in land casinos as a progressive game. It can also be found online at certain casinos.

You will play this game the same as you would play other video poker games with a few differences. First, it is a progressive jackpot which means you need to get the Royal Flush of Diamonds. The Royal Flush and Four Aces are going to pay the same unless, of course, you hit the jackpot hand. A progressive jackpot means that you are adding to the pot every time you play a game as are the other players of the same video poker game. A percentage of your wager is added to the jackpot. In this game, the jackpot can reach over a million before it will be won. You also play the game the same as any five-card draw exchanging cards once that you don’t like to get a better winning hand.

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