Mega Jacks

Mega Jacks is based on five card draw poker. Mega Jacks is also a progressive jackpot game available only online. You may not find Mega Jacks in every online casino, but there are a few different software programs producing the game. Since this game is based on draw poker the same rules are going to apply; however we will look at these rules below in our playing tips.

Playing Tips

The first thing you need to do when you start playing this game is decide how much you are going to bet on a round. In video poker, it is always important to place the maximum bet of 5 coins. By betting five coins you are going to get the higher payout from the machine. Once you select max bet the cards will be dealt.

The deal is five cards. Of those five cards, you can hold any number of them or none. It is up to you and the potential hand you see with the first five cards you were dealt. In this game, you can have a pair or higher to get a payout. The progressive jackpot can only be won if you get the Royal Flush during a max bet.

It is important that you are careful when selecting the cards you want to keep. It is better to keep a pair and exchange the other three cards than hold onto the high card. The high card could hinder you and it certainly doesn’t offer a better payout in this game.

Mega Jacks

Since the game is called Mega Jacks the lowest pair you can have in the game is the Jacks. In other words, if you get a pair of tens, you are not guaranteed a payout unless you can turn it into a three of a kind or better. If you have the four cards that could lead to the Royal flush, you are better off holding the four cards and trying.

You of course have the option of getting rid of all five cards if you wish as well. The round is over if you don’t obtain a winning hand. If you obtain a winning hand you have the option of doubling in Mega Jacks. In this case, the computer you are playing is going to lay five cards on the screen. The first card is flipped over and that is the computer card. In order to double your winnings from the hand you must have a higher card than that showing. You choose to hold one of the four other cards that are face down. You cannot get out of doubling once you select yes, and the first card is not flipped until you select yes. This means if the King is showing you are going to lose the bet you just placed.

As we mentioned you can earn the progressive jackpot if you get the winning Royal Flush, but you must bet max. It is imperative that you always bet the max when playing video poker. Progressive means that you are adding to the pot as you continue to play with a small percentage.

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