Mega Poker

Mega Poker is going to be a variation of Jacks or Better.  The difference is that Mega Poker has a progressive jackpot.  This game is usually found in land casinos, rather than online casinos.  To play this game you must first understand how to play five card draw.  You will usually have the option of playing more than one hand with this game, but if you just want a standard one hand draw that is also fine.

With Mega Poker the better winnings are offered for the better hands and the max bet.  If you really want a return on your wager you need to bet five coins.  The five coins can be any denomination that the video poker game accepts.  In video poker the royal flush is considered 800 times the bet you have made.  So if you bet 25 cent coins for a max of $1.25 then you get 800 times that amount.  Of course you have to be able to get the Royal Flush.  In Mega Poker the lowest winning hand is the pair of Jacks or a better pair. 

You need to get the royal flush of diamonds in Mega Poker in order to win the progressive jackpot.  The progressive jackpot is when a percentage of your wager goes into the jackpot.  The jackpot will continue to rise until it is won by a player.  This means it can get up to over a million if it isn’t won.  The odds are extremely low that you will be able to get the hand you need, which is another reason the jackpot can get extremely high.

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